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Getting Started

I've always admired Stained Glass - What are my options?

We can help you find the look that is just right for you.  Choose your style from:

  • Traditional - formal or informal

  • Contemporary - simple to complex

  • Representational - any subject

  • Religious - all of the above styles

I'm not sure where to put Stained Glass, I just want some.

Here are a few possibilities.  Look around and you'll probably find more:

  • A sidelight or entry door insert

  • A custom lampshade over a dining area

  • A "splashy" window in a bathroom or spa

  • A window to block or enhance a view

  • A room divider for home or office

  • Cupboard or bookcase doors

  • A free-standing screen

  • Signage of all types

  • A glass sculpture

  • A framed piece

  • A fire screen

  • Tabletops

One or several of these techniques will be used to create your special project:

  • Leaded glass construction

  • Tiffany-style copper foil construction

  • Etched glass, carved glass

  • Beveled glass, engraved glass

  • Painted, kiln-fired glass

  • Fused glass, blown glass

What about the cost?

Whether building, remodeling, or redecorating, there is handcrafted glass for almost every budget, so don't let this aspect keep you from the pleasure of owning art glass.  On your first visit, give us a budget figure to stay within.  This will help us as we design with wonderful glass, jewels, bevels, and special techniques.  We can be just as conservative or lavish as you wish and the results will always be lovely.

How do I decide on a design?

Let us help!  Designing appropriate and aesthetically pleasing art glass pieces is our business.  We'll show you samples, ask questions, really listen to your answers, and possible visit your site.  We can also work with an architect or decorator. 

When you are assured that we understand your requirements, we will apply our skills and knowledge to develop the perfect design for you.  Later, you'll have opportunities for more input, and when a signed agreement is in place, construction will begin.

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